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10 Benefits of Hiring A Real Estate Agent

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Selling your property is a complex process with unforeseeable challenges. Hiring a real estate advisor to help you navigate the sales process comes with various benefits that can make your journey stress-free. If you’re thinking of selling your home, and have some hesitations on whether to hire a real estate agent or not, this blog is for you.

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1. Market Knowledge & Expertise

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a real estate agent is their in-depth knowledge of your housing market. One of the real estate agent’s main goals is to help you make informed decisions when it comes to selling your property. With insight into real estate market trends, the comparative market value of homes in your community, and neighborhood dynamics – you will save ample time and stress from having to conduct your own market research.

2. Negotiating

Negotiation isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If that’s you, hiring a real estate agent to help negotiate the sale or purchase of a house is highly advised. Poor negotiating can lead to a deal falling through or even worse, unknowingly agreeing to a deal that goes against your favor. When hundreds and thousands of dollars are at stake, it’s best to have an expert advocate for you and secure the best price and terms.

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3. Time-Saving

The actual sale of your home is only the tip of the iceberg. The tasks that fill the bottom of the iceberg are time-consuming and tedious. Tasks like marketing your home, scheduling showings, showing your home to buyers, and handling paperwork (correctly) are only some that you can expect to do. Allowing a real estate agent to do it for you can save tons of time, effort, and stress.

4. Professional Network

Most associate real estate agents with selling homes and that’s where it abruptly ends. Those that have worked with real estate agents in the past know that experience realtors have an established network of trustworthy contacts in other industries including mortgage lenders, home inspectors, etc.

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5. Legal Expertise

Buying or selling a home involves a slew of complex legal documentation that requires a proper review to ensure the contracts and agreements are accurate and legally binding. An experienced real estate agent will know the ins and outs of the documentation process, what errors to look out for, offer tips to expedite the process and in general, guide you through the entire documentation process.

6. pricing Your Home

Pricing a home is a delicate process that requires a comprehensive analysis of the real estate market and a thorough understanding of the variables that affect the price of real estate in your area. In a future blog, we will discuss the results of overpricing and underpricing your home.

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7. Off-Market Listings

Not all properties are listed on the MLS. Some sellers choose to privately sell their homes for various reasons to be addressed in a future blog. Real estate agents with a vast network of property listings have access to properties that meet very specific requirements. Can’t find the property you’re looking for? Give us a call!

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8. Business is Business

Having emotions is part of being human. These emotions can run high during real estate transactions – especially during the negotiating phase of the sale. A real estate agent can offer an objective outlook and unbiased advice that can help you make rational decisions.

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9. Complexities

No real estate transactions are alike. Each real estate transaction will come with unique complexities that are unpredictable. An experienced real estate agent would have encountered a vast majority of these complexities and be able to offer solutions to expedite the sales process and significantly reduce the stress you would have otherwise had to face.

10. Peace of Mind

Selling a home can be a stressful and anxiety-filled experience without a real estate agent by your side. As a home buyer or seller, you have the choice to offload the stress and anxiety to an experienced real estate agent or to tackle it on your own. The choice is yours. Which one will you pick?

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