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6 reasons to consider An Energy-Efficient Home

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Buying a home is a major financial investment for most people – therefore, it’s important to make every penny count. One important criterion of home shopping that is generally overlooked by shoppers is energy efficiency. In reality, your home works endlessly day and night to make you and your family comfortable. Similar to purchasing a car, pragmatic buyers are interested in models that can travel further distances while consuming less energy, are comfortable, and are reliable. Pragmatic home buyers alike¬†should take into consideration energy consumption (waste) and the long-term financial and economic benefits. If you’re a home buyer and evaluating the possibility of owning an energy-efficient home, here are 8 reasons to consider.

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1. Cost Savings

When shopping for a home, buyers are typically so distracted by the price of the home itself that they tend to neglect the long-term expenses of running and maintaining it. Buyers should be aware that although older homes may be cheaper than newer homes, the long-term expenses of owning an older home can be significantly more expensive compared to a newer one. As time goes on, technological improvements have allowed home appliance manufacturers to build products that are more reliable, consume less energy, and produce better performance. If you are looking at an older home (10+ years), make sure to check if the seller has recently replaced their appliances with newer models. Such appliances include the hot water tank, furnace, insulation, LED lighting etc.

2. Environmental Impact

Environmentally conscious home buyers will be happy to know that energy-efficient homes produce a smaller carbon footprint in contrast to their counterparts. Homes with energy-efficient appliances consume less energy from traditional fossil fuel sources. If you’re concerned about the long-term negative effects of global warming and aspire to make a difference by minimizing environmental degradation, an energy-efficient home is a no-brainer.

3. Increased Home Value

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), energy-efficient-rated homes sell for 2.7% more than unrated homes, and better-rated homes sell for 3% to 5% more than lesser-rated homes. It’s also reported that energy efficiency adds $8,246 to a home’s value in 2022, and is projected to increase year to year. As energy costs steadily rise, the appeal of an energy-efficient home drives up its market value. Purchasing a house that is already energy-efficient negates the need to do so and attracts buyers in the future.

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4. Improved Quality of Life

The reality is that people spend a significant portion of their time at home, so wouldn’t it make sense to maximize the comfort and quality of your home? When searching for your next home, make sure the house is properly insulated and air sealed to maintain a consistent indoor temperature, and minimize drafts and cold areas. Also, ensure the house has a newer HVAC system to provide better air circulation and quality. An efficient HVAC system will filter out pollutants and maintain an optimal level of humidity for better health.

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5. Improved Durability

What most shoppers don’t know is that an energy-efficient home is a more durable home. Energy-efficient homes with improved insulation, sealing, air leaks, doors, and windows all contribute to a home that will last longer in the long run by protecting the house from moisture damage, mold growth, and improve structural integrity.

6. Energy Regulations, Standards

Energy standards are constantly shifting with new regulations introduced at an increased rate as a by-product of striving for a more sustainable future. Energy-efficient homes are soon no longer a luxury but a requirement as dictated by energy standards and regulations. By purchasing a home that is already energy-efficient, you will bypass expensive renovations and upgrades in the future.

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